Wednesday, January 22, 2014

March 2014: AnomalyCon

AnomalyCon Denver's Premier Steampunk, Science Fiction and Alternate History convention!

Abigail: Unbreakable Book 1

Available in paperback and kindle at

Book Synopsis:

“As the eras come to pass, I adapt to my surroundings, seek the lost knowledge, and hone my abilities to protect the innocent from those I hunt … I see what mortals cannot.”

For generations a member of selected Gypsy clans is chosen to walk the path of a Kulath. A Seeker sworn to purge demonic legions set free by advocates of evil–Necromancers of the Priesthood Council of Nine, also known as Lucifage Order.

Eras have passed since the fall of the Balcescu clan and Abigail made her pact with the Angle of Death. As an observer, Death presents himself to her as an ordinary black and white cat, and as a result of her fatal choice, Abigail is now tied between the land of the living and the realm of the dead. Following her grandfather’s footsteps as a Kulath, it is Abigail’s duty to bind the thirteen demons that were set free by Necromancers, Reverend and his son, Bel Cavalera, from her family's Book of Knowledge.

Added to her supernatural abilities, Abigail wields a dual-bladed weapon she calls Kr`isis and with her six words, “WITH MY WOUNDS I BIND THEE!” she is obligated by oath and curse to rid the world of Reverend and Bel’s demonic throng–Helguun Legion.

Penny Dread Tales 3

Available in Paperback and ebook format at Penny-Dread-Tales-Darkness-Clockwork

Anthology Synopsis:

in this tome, the third installment of the Penny Dread Tales series, we explore not only the darker side of steampunk but also the black, sullied underbelly of the human condition. The nightmare of Jack the Ripper stalks these pages… drenching them in blood… twice. Slavery, the murder of the weak and helpless, dire choices of life and death: these tragedies and more become fodder for the mind, where the possessed and dispossessed steal men’s lives, and in some cases, their souls. This volume is rich with shadowy settings shrouded in fog, and the ensuing brutality is glimpsed piecemeal through windows of moonlight where dark shadows hide nefarious villains plotting murder and mayhem upon unsuspecting victims. PDT3 carries the reader to the four corners of the Earth and beyond. It traverses the centuries, from the Victorian era all the way into a future 40,000 years distant. It is an exploration of mankind’s darkest dreams and nightmares, and in its reading you too may experience nightmares where might In Darkness Clockwork Shine.

Abigail Comic Series Issue #2

Written By Christopher M. Salas and Illustrated By Jason M. Montoya
Now available at your local comic book store!

Abigail Comic Series Issue #1

Written By Christopher M. Salas and Illustrated By Jason M. Montoya
Now available at your local comic book store!