Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Project Update

Project update! Some panels from Baron Von Saturday’s Tales From Beyond Issue 2: Gung-Fu Disciples.
Story/Writer: Christopher M. Salas
Illustration/Co-writer: Jason Montoya

Thursday, April 13, 2017

New Release

The murdered lawmen, the four undead gunslingers and the vengeance of a Marshal's daughter. October Fey is now available on kindle and nook!!!

Story Synopsis

Four outlaws were convicted, prosecuted, and hung for the crimes of murder and horse thieving. Three days later, on an autumn evening, Bobby Clancey and his riders had risen from the grave, and with them came a ghostly fog that unveiled the four gunslingers’ wrath.

October Fey was sixteen when she witnessed her father’s murder. After Bobby and his riders took retaliation on Marshal Fey, October was left alone and had no other family to call her own.

Years later, a trail of deceased lawmen and the towns they once protected are found without a trace of residents. Like breadcrumbs left behind, October eventually catches onto the gunslingers’ trail. With the skills her father had taught her at a young age, she wields his six-gun and the will for vengeance, determined to send Bobby Clancey and his riders back to the grave.

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